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What is the function of automatic lifting door bottom sealing strip?

What is the function of automatic lifting door bottom sealing strip?


General bedroom door and ground have certain gap. Dust, odor, mosquitoes, hot air in midsummer, cold wind in cold winter, annoying noise and obnoxious light will enter the room from the gap between the door and the ground, which will affect the indoor health and living environment, and affect people’s normal life. If the general blocking way is adopted, it will affect the beauty of the whole room.

The automatic door bootom lifting strip of Kenna sealing strip products provides a kind of built-in automatic lifting type door bottom sealing strip which is suitable for a variety of room doors, does not affect the overall appearance of the door, has reliable performance and can effectively close the door bottom.

The principle of the door bottom sealing strip is relatively simple, belong to the design of the start key. When closing the door, the collision head will squeeze the door frame and the sealing strip will drop; when opening the door, the collision head will leave the door frame and the sealing strip will rise. The sealing strip is composed of fixed piece slot, starting head and sealing strip. The rotary knob can also adjust the falling range of the sealing strip. The sealing strip of the door is lowered to a proper position to prevent noise, reptile and dust.

The door bottom automatic lifting sealing strip of Kenna sealing strip uses aluminum alloy shell, which is strong and durable, anti falling and anti bumping, and the dumb surface has more texture. The interior adopts imported spring design, which is more durable, and high-quality polymer silicone rubber sealing strip has good sound insulation, heat insulation, wind proof, dust proof functions, simple operation and convenient installation, which can effectively prevent noise interference.(Note: since the sealing strip of the product is automatically lifted and lowered, do not pull the sealing strip down by hand to avoid damaging the internal parts of the product.)

Under the condition of not affecting the overall appearance of the door, Kenna automatic door bottom lifting strip can effectively prevent dust, odor, mosquitoes, cold and hot air flow, noise, stray light from the door bottom gap into the room, and has no adverse effect on the door opening, closing and ground. It has reliable performance and is suitable for the use of a variety of doors.

Windproof: the seal of this bar is good and can block the cold wind.

Dust proof: it can effectively reduce the dust entering and keep the air fresh in the room.

Sound insulation: it can block the outdoor noise as much as possible, improve the quality of sleep and keep the temperature. When the air conditioner is turned on in the room in summer, it can effectively prevent the loss of air conditioning from the room and reduce the power consumption. When it is cold in winter, it can also block the loss of heating!

Insect prevention: the bar is down,which can keep mosquitoes, rats and ants out of the door.

Door with it, open quiet living space-quiet down, happiness will come.

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