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What kind of technology does the vulcanized EPDM sealing strip have?

by:Kenna     2021-04-28
In the sealing strip, there is also a phenomenon of a vulcanized strip, and the EPDM sealing strip like this often has a good sealing performance when in use. The reason why it is said that its sealing performance is good is that the entire In the process, an integrated vulcanization process is used, even when it is in use, it is often used, and finally the length is cut off, and vulcanization is also carried out, so that it can finally achieve a good combination. . Another is the continuous vulcanization method, which is more perfect in the entire process of using the sealing strip, and during the entire vulcanization process, it can be divided into several different vulcanization methods, such as salt bath, hot air, etc. Wait, but relatively speaking, professional skills must be achieved when this is used. Only if you have this, you can get better results. For example, the microwave method must achieve professional skills. EPDM sealing strip because it is used, not only has a good effect on rubber strips, but also can be adapted to the use of EPDM sealing strips. In addition, high temperature vulcanization, etc. must also achieve professional skills. , You must achieve a very fast speed and leveling test. If you can’t achieve this, the sealing performance is often not good, or the appearance is not beautiful, etc., and if you are under poor operation, it will not appear. The phenomenon of environmental pollution.
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