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What material is often used for glass curtain wall rubber sealing strips?

by:Kenna     2021-04-21
'Rubber-plastic sealing strips (pads) for building curtain walls' are mainly used for glass exterior walls of large buildings. This product enhances the windproof and waterproof performance of the building, stabilizes the glass structure of the exterior wall, and enhances the safety performance of the building without hindering the overall beauty of the building. At present, the most widely used rubber types in China are EPDM rubber and thermoplastic EPDM rubber (santoprene®). Some manufacturers also choose silicone rubber and modified PVC. Nowadays, the development and progress of our country is very fast. The development of major industries has promoted our progress. Like foreign countries, it has proved that our country's strength is still very strong. For example, China's largest glass curtain wall is Tianjin 117 Building, then we return to the topic and talk about the glass curtain wall. What is the material of the sealing strip, nowadays it is generally made of imported grade EPDM rubber, which is relatively resistant to aging. Now the country must use EPDM rubber as the glass curtain wall and Used in construction engineering, glass curtain wall. The sealing strip EPDM is extruded and vulcanized into a smooth surface without bubbles. It can be used for more than 70 years without aging. Now major glass curtain wall projects use EPDM rubber as the glass curtain wall sealing strip.
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