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Where does the door and window sealing strip apply?

by:Kenna     2021-03-23
In developed countries, despite the strict structure of doors and windows and high precision in manufacturing and installation, sealing strips are still installed on doors and windows. The various sealing strip products produced are suitable for different occasions. Some use soft rubber sheets, some use foam plastic belts, and some are made of chemical fiber and hard plastic composites, and their elasticity and durability are very good. Some of the sealing methods are squeeze-type sealing, and some are covered with a brush. Some of the fixing methods are self-adhesive, which can be self-bonded to the frame and fan; some are embedded in the grooves of doors and windows; some are nailed. In the final analysis, the type and specification of the sealing strip used must be adapted to the situation of your own doors and windows in order to get good results. The scope of application of different sealing strips is different. Some brush-like or sheet-like sealing strips are nailed to the joints of doors and windows and can only be used for wooden doors and windows; for the bottom of the door, use brush-like or rubber sealing strips as Good; and the sealing paste has good bonding performance with metal, and can solidify by itself within 24 to 28 hours, and its thickness can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the site, suitable for metal doors and windows; some foam sealing strips with good self-adhesive properties are extruded The sealing method is suitable for windows made of different materials, and its thickness should match the width of the gap between doors and windows; as for the brush-like or plastic sealing strips embedded in the grooves, they should be matched with the grooves of the doors and windows.
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