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Why do doors and windows need to install sealing strips?

Why do doors and windows need to install sealing strips?


In addition to sound insulation and dust prevention, the sealing strip plays an important role in shockproof of to protect the wooden door body from damage. Due to the insufficient toughness of the poor sealing strip, when opening and closing the wooden door, the buffering effect is not good, and the role of protecting the wooden door is weak. The door leaf of the wooden door will hit the door pocket, causing damage to the door body and the door pocket, resulting in the wooden door can not be used normally.

The reason why the sealing strip is named sealing strip is that it has sealing property, and the poor sealing strip affects the sealing effect of wooden door due to its material and other reasons. Especially in winter, due to the relationship between thermal expansion and cold contraction, the sealing strip will continue to shrink, so that when the wooden door is closed, there will be a big gap around the door leaf, and the sound insulation and dust resistance will become very poor. Therefore, we should fully consider the physical properties of the sealing strip, adapt to seasonal changes, and have stable performance.

With the progress of the times, people pay more attention to the comfort and comfort of the home environment, and doors and windows play an important role in the home environment. Doors and windows must have good enough sealing performance, and poor sealing performance will lead to air leakage, dust into a series of problems, and the longer the time used, the greater the gap, from then on out of control, affecting the quality of the whole door and window. Speaking of the sealing strip, some consumers don’t know that there is a sealing strip inside the doors and windows. It seems that the same sealing strip is quite different. How much do you know about the quality of the sealing strip?

Raw material:

In order to save the cost of ordinary sealing strip, most of the raw materials are PVC, which has poor resilience and poor sound insulation and cold proof effect. Some small factories use inferior recycled materials, no toughness, resulting in short life of sealing strip.

Production process:

Different manufacturers, the production process is also a huge gap. Small sealing strip manufacturers are lack of production experience, and the process is often not up to standard, which results in the inconsistency between the production mouth type and the drawing, and the sealing effect cannot meet the requirements after installation.

Environmental performance:

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, ordinary sealing strip can not achieve environmental protection performance due to the non environmental protection of raw materials.

The elastomer TPO soft and hard double composite sealing strip produced by Guangzhou Kenna Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. Is very suitable for wooden doors. High resilience material is used to ensure the overall resilience of the sealing strip, wear resistance and aging resistance, which greatly extends the service life of the product. The combination of soft and hard extrusion technology makes the installation more labor-saving and the card more firm, effectively preventing product shrinkage. All materials are environmentally friendly. The environmental protection of Guangzhou Kenna sealing strip products has been absolutely guaranteed.

If you are interested in how to choose wooden door sealing strip, welcome to discuss together!

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